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Brand Enthusiasts Search @ LuluCo

We are searching for our next Brand Enthusiasts to join us!



  • Brand Enthusiasts are involved for a 3 month term: December 2018 - February 2019.
  • Brand Enthusiasts must have an active presence on Instagram. Other social media profile posts are encouraged.
  • Brand Enthusiasts will promote and share any and all LuluCo announcements such as promotions and giveaways, contests, events and new product launches and interact with other posts frequently.
  • Actively promote the LuluCo brand on your social media accounts (see below for more on this and why)
  • Brand Enthusiasts will show genuine support and enthusiasm for the LuluCo brand and its products as evident in photos and posts on Instagram.
  • Brand Enthusiasts will receive a 25% discount on all orders placed for the duration of the term for personal use only.  
  • You will receive a unique discount code for your friends, family and followers to use to receive a 10% discount on all orders they place.
  • For every order placed by your family, friends and followers using your unique discount code, you will receive $4 commission to use towards ordering your own products from LuluCo at the end of each month.
  • You should make purchases from us in good faith, however there is no set requirement on the number of items you should purchase.
  • Brand Enthusiasts will be required to provide a minimum of 4 high quality photos of our products on their social media accounts each month and tag LuluCo in these photos. Images should also be emailed to info@luluco.net
  • Brand Enthusiasts provide full permission for LuluCo to use these photographs in social media and marketing materials.
  • These photographs must be clear, bright and clutter free. Blurry or dark photos will not be accepted.
  • Photographs should be a variety of inside, outside with your little one and flat lay.
  • LuluCo reserves the right to withdraw a brand enthusiast from this program at anytime, without question if found to be not abiding by these terms and conditions.
  • Brand Enthusiasts who are exceeding these expectations and going above and beyond what is outlined here, we be will provided with additional incentives as a thank you for hard work (for example free products, free shipping, additional discounts etc).

How to enter:

  • Follow @luluco.store on instagram and like our page
  • Repost our brand search image and tag #lulucobesearch telling us about your child (name, age, size and why you would love to join our team as a B.E)
  • Tag 2 friends in the comments on our original post that you think would also like to enter our search

LuluCo Brand Rep SearchLuluCo Brand Rep SearchLuluCo Brand Rep SearchLuluCo Brand Rep SearchLuluCo Brand Rep Search

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